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Important Years in Word History

France signs an armistice with Germany at Compi├Ęgne

What is World History

Word History is the study of the origins, development, and changes in the English language. It is a branch of linguistics that deals with both the spoken and written word. One of the main goals of word history is to trace the words back to their earliest known forms. This can be done through a variety of methods, including examination of ancient texts, comparative linguistics, and etymology.

For Example:

1973: The first word processor, the SMART-1, was created.

1977: The first desktop publishing program, PageMaker, was released.

1983: The first commercialized laser printer, the HP LaserJet, was released.

1991: Microsoft Word 1.0 was released.

1997: Word 97 was released with features such as tables and a thesaurus.

2003: Word 2003 was released with a new interface and XML support.

2007: Word 2007 was released with a Ribbon interface and Live Preview.

1996 - The launch of Google.

2004 - The launch of the iPhone.

2009 - The release of the iPad.

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