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200+ Article Submission Sites List | High DA & PA

200+ Article Submission Sites List | Dofollow with High DA

In today's link building guide, I'll share with you a list of free high DA article submission sites that will give you high quality backlinks to your blog or website. Let’s take a look at those sites that can easily publish articles and get high RP backlinks to the original site. You can find these sites from regular link building feeds updated by bloggers and SEO experts.

If you want to create backlinks without spending any penny then connect with our blog because we often provide high quality sites to create backlinks easily for free.

What is Article Submission

Article Submission is an off-page SEO technique in which you write an article and publish it on a third-party website such as blogvin, etc. Article submission is a part of content marketing and it is considered as a best method to grow your business by creating backlinks on article submission sites.

For such results, sources should target informative articles or content with good keywords. It's easy to increase traffic to your website or blog with the links you add to the content of the article and to the author's mailbox. Google favors links that feel natural and contain information about the site through anchor text, which are links that come to your site from high-quality blogs and articles.

Basically, Article submission refers to writing those articles or blogs that will be relevant to your product or services and then submit it to the popular article submission sites that are given below.

What are the benefits of Article Submission

There are many benefits of submitting articles to article submitting sites, such as increasing your website's ranking in search engine listings. We hope that after compiling a basic list of article submission sites, this article will guide you through all the steps and help you complete your submission, thereby generating more traffic and quality backlinks for your website or blog.

In this post, we will talk about how to submit your blog via article submission, a large list of websites where you can submit your blog, and some other pros and cons of submitting articles to high DA and high PR article submission sites.

Article submission has many benefits that are helpful for growing a website because by submitting an article we can create do-follow backlinks for our website. Apart from this, there are many benefits of article submission which are given below.

  • It is helpful to increase your website traffic.
  • We can promote and advertise our product or services on a website by submitting an article.
  • Your brand awareness will increase.
  • You can reach a wider audience with huge organic traffic.
  • Article submission is a better way for product marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web. If you have a product to sell then it’s a golden opportunity for you.

  • Before submitting an article you should always keep in mind that articles should be relevant categories of popular article submission websites. You are required to submit quality articles on these websites to get maximum benefits of this activity.

    The main purpose of the article is to provide correct and quality information to the people and get backlinks. And, submission to achieve the purpose of getting higher rankings for both the keyword and page rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

    Even if you get backlinks from a high DA website, it will help you improve your domain authority and ranking on search engine results pages. If you host your articles or blogs on a third-party site, and add an author bio with a link outside that site, it can help increase your domain authority. Basically all high DA websites allow you to provide a direct link to your website or blog which will help you get backlinks from their website which will help you market your website for free.

    This post will detail the importance of guest blogging for SEO and provide a list of sites where you can publish guest posts and articles and get approved almost instantly. Guest posting or guest blogging is simply posting or posting on someone else's blog to create visibility, relationships, authority and links to your blog or website. Posting regularly, adding a hyperlink to your new blog will be a great way to rank it and improve its quality faster.

    The backlinks you get from article submission websites are mostly permanent and the more high quality backlinks you get, the higher your blog will rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Web Article submission sites offer you the opportunity to get more leads and thus increase revenue from the product you are trying to sell on your site. Yes, article submission is still useful for keyword rankings as this off-page SEO method helps to get a quality link for your site.

    Choice of SEO Companies

    It is no wonder that there are many such websites as this particular SEO technique is preferred by most people and companies and is also becoming more popular every day. Many websites browse the internet to publish articles and get high scores by increasing the huge traffic on the websites. Article browsing websites help improve search engine rankings, increase website traffic, improve website keyword positioning and increase link popularity and brand awareness.

    Contact these sites to publish your Article

    This is a list of some high PR websites where you can post your articles for free and get backlinks to your website. We provide a list here to help you get the best SEO article sites. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to build quality backlinks with article submission sites, as well as share a list of the best article submission sites where you can submit your post to build backlinks.

    It is imperative to perform off-page activities such as submitting press releases, creating social bookmarks, submitting directories and classified materials by creating high-quality content and sharing that content on many of the top posting sites. Submitting to a directory of high quality articles will surely make your text look like the authors of the content you submit to hundreds of other websites.

    When you post, you want to make sure the article has a unique title because different submission sites use different ways to rank articles. The keywords section helps rank your article and the tags section ranks it. Use your target keyword correctly and maintain keyword density in a unique and informative article.


    Now that we've made some clear progress in understanding these two terms, let's take a look at the open links and guest post backlinks you'll get on any of these authoritative blogging sites and see why guest posting is so important. in building your backlinks.

    Just like there are different types of websites, such as company listing websites where business information is available in the selected area, directory listing websites that contain links to different websites depending on the choice of users , there are websites for posting your article, called article submission. I hope you like all this information, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with us.

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