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On-Page SEO Factors | Top 10 Factors for 2022

On-Page SEO Factors | Top 10 Factors for 2022
On-Page SEO Factors

We can easily increase our website traffic by using On-page SEO factors that are made according to Google's algorithm. That's why these factors can help us to improve website ranking on SERPs.

Google uses its algorithm to rank your website or webpage. If you want Google to rank your website, then you have to optimize your webpage according to Google's algorithm.

That's why we have given below some On-page SEO factors, using which you will be able to optimize your webpage.

1. URL Optimization

You should also optimize the URL of your webpage. To optimize the URL, you have to put your primary keyword inside the URL, by doing this the crawler will be able to easily understand your web page what it is about.

If you do not optimize your URL, then it will make a bad impression on both the user and Google. That’s why you should optimize your URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

2. SSL Certificate

In today's time data is a very important thing and any person wouldn't want his personal data to be leaked (account information, passwords, photos, credit and debit card details). That's why we need to put an SSL Certificate on our website.

3. Mobile Responsive

It is very important for your website to be responsive because in today's era the use of mobile has become very rampant. In this world people that own a smart and feature phone is 7.25 Billion (Approx.) which is more than 91% of the world’s population.

Sources: BankMyCell

Usually a responsive website is called that which looks and works right on any size screen. Many times it happens that the website which is not responsive, works on a big screen but it gets messed up on mobile.

So that's why it is important for our website to be responsive and if you know CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) then you can also make your website or webpage responsive by using Media Query.

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4. Meta Title

If you know HTML language then you already know what Meta Title Tag is. If you don't know then I will tell you no problem. Basically, meta title is a HTML title tag that helps users and crawlers to know the topic of the webpage.

It shows at the top of the page in the browsers tab. If you want to add this tag then you have to write this tag <title><\title> inside the head section and between both tags you have to pass page title like this <title> Title Goes Here <\title>.

5. Image Optimization

Without an image, your article can remain incomplete because using images inside the content makes the content more attractive. But whenever you use an image, keep in mind that you must put alt text inside that image.

By adding Alt text your image will be optimized. Firstly, you have to know that Alt text means ‘Alternative text’ and you can add it very easily.

You have to use alt attribute inside the img tag, for example:
<img src=”rose.jpg” alt=”Rose Flower”>
And inside the alt attribute you have to write Alt Text.

6. Internal Linking

Link building is a very important factor of SEO, you cannot grow your website without backlinks. You should do internal linking or inbound linking in your website. When you link any webpage of your website to any other webpage of your website, it is called internal linking.

When you do this, your website's pages are quickly indexed by the search engine because when the crawler comes to your website, it can easily go from one webpage to another through the link.

7. Meta Description

It is very important to give a meta description to any webpage because only after reading it the user knows about our webpage, what it is about.

Usually we can write the description from 150 to 160 characters, which is an important factor of On-page SEO.

You should mention some key points inside the description that you have written in your post, along with this you should also use your primary keywords inside the meta description.

You have to write meta tag inside the <head> section to describe the meta description, given below:

<meta name=”description” content=” Description Will Goes Here ”>

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8. Unique Content

If you want to run your website for a long time without any interruption, then you shouldn’t use duplicate content inside your website. Using duplicate content can reduce your credibility in the eyes of Google.

If you are using any data on your website, then it will not be considered a duplicate content, but if you are putting the content of any other website on your website, then Google can suspend your site.

Because you violate the rules, that’s why you should only use unique content on your website. “Content is King” Whether your webpage will rank or not, it completely depends on your content.

9. Keywords

If you want to rank your web page quickly, then you should work on Low Competition keywords because they get ranked quickly. That's why you should do keyword research before writing content and after choosing a keyword, you should use those keywords inside your content.

Try to put your main keyword first, if it is not possible then place your keyword at least inside the first paragraph. It makes a good impression on both users and crawlers.

Target the keywords inside your content, but don’t do the keyword stuffing it can spoil the impression of your site, Google considered this wrong. Keyword stuffing means using keywords more often inside the content.

10. Content Audit

Content audit is a process within which we check the performance of our website as well as analyze and catalog the content. In this process we review our content systematically to optimize the webpage.

By content audit we find out the deficiency in our webpage and then, we remove that deficiency, to improve the page ranking on search engine result pages.


On-page SEO is necessary in that case when if you want to increase your website ranking on Search Engine Result Pages. On-page SEO factors are not limited with these factors, rather it is a very vast thing. Basically, Search Engine Optimization has more than 200+ factors that help to increase our website ranking on SERPs.

If you want to grow your website then you should optimize your site on a regular basis. It helps you to improve ranking and visitors.

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